And We’re Off! But First Some Thanks…

It’s a new year for us all. And this time of year is always a nice opportunity (if cliche) to think about what the last year brought and imagine what the future will bring. It’s also a moment to think about goals – from the ambitious to the everyday things we want to improve. For me it’s the beginning of the next chapter in my career as a financial advisor. I’m officially operating as a fee-only RIA and I could not be more excited for what’s ahead. If you’ve made it this far then I’d assume you’re either a client or someone interested in taking the next step toward working with an advisor. In either case, thank you for your interest. For my current clients – I am grateful for your continued confidence and trust. Layline Advisors would not be possible if it weren’t for the clients we serve (“we” being me at the moment!).


As we move into 2017 and beyond, this blog will serve as a platform to share content and ideas. My goal is to provide clients and other readers timely and relevant thoughts in a simplified and hopefully sometimes entertaining format. I have little formal training and education in writing, and even less experience doing it for an audience. So while not perfect, I do hope my short-form writing reads authentic and honest.


Before I think any more about the future, I need to acknowledge my father – Paul Wyand – for everything he’s done for me up to this point in my life. He has always been there to support me – both in my personal and professional life – and that has never been as clear as over these last months. Over lunch at a local diner last spring, my father gave me the confidence to take the leap and commit to starting my own practice. At 65 he could have spent his summer on the golf course or planning his own retirement. He did neither. He serviced his clients – as he always has – and in between appointments he worked to ensure my transition was a smooth one.


The support of a parent of course extends far beyond what any reasonable blog post could convey. And my dad’s indeed stretches to well before we started working together in 2011. But I did want to share a few of the most important lessons I learned from him along the way.


  1. Work hard and provide for your loved ones. What comes to mind? Mowing neighbors’ lawns and maintaining at least one job through all of high school. Prioritizing school. Helping clients plan for their children’s college educations.
  2. Live below your means. Saving summer earnings to last through the following school year (OK – I didn’t quite nail this one my first summer/internship in New York). Starting my 401(k) immediately out of school. Working with younger clients to encourage contributing more to their plans and IRAs.
  3. Always be learning. Working full time and studying for my CFA in the morning, at night, and on the weekends. Just as I remember dad doing for his CFP. Only he did it at a time when he had a wife, two small children, and a mortgage.
  4. Find your True North. …Work in progress.


What I love about this short list is that it blends together reminders for us all to use in our personal lives with some of the most cardinal rules we must master and convey in our profession that is financial advisory. Regardless if it was my father that shared these virtues, or a boss and mentor in the office, the message has always been on point. And if I only move forward with only this short list he has provided me, then I have to be optimistic about what the future may hold.


So here’s to all those important people that have helped shape us, continued personal growth, and to the personal journeys that await us all. 

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