Why ESG Investments?

ESG investment refers to an approach that, in addition to considering traditional financial data, measures relevant environmental, social, and governance consequences. There are many approaches to ESG investing, and we have seen a shift in the way some investors view return on investment, choosing to include some scale of societal benefit in return.


We are committed to offering clients a robust ESG portfolio option as:

An increasing number of investors wish to better align their portfolio with their values.
There is growing evidence that companies who incorporate ESG into their management can deliver better financial results.
We believe in the mission to allocate capital to companies who are thoughtful about their long-term environmental, social and governance impacts.

Responsible Investment (RI)


RI is the integration of ESG factors into fundamental investment analysis. These factors provide additional avenues to identity unwanted risk exposures or drivers of performance. Material factors are weighed along with financial considerations to give a more accurate determination of present/future value, in to make more informed investment decisions. RI is not driven by a value or social desire, but purely by an effort to generate consistent, long-term financial returns.

Socially Responsible / Sustainable Investment (SRI)


SRI is an investment approach that focuses on investor values, standards or norms, in addition to potential financial returns. Portfolios are constructed, and investment decisions are made in consideration of these values. Historically, SRI has been conducted through both positive (inclusion) and negative (exclusion) screens of investment options.

Impact Investment


Impact investments are investments made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate specific social and environmental impact beyond a financial return. Investments are typically made through private markets and target a range of returns from below market to market rate, depending on investors’ strategic goals.

In partnering with clients who express interest in ESG Investing, Layline provides customized Responsible, SRI/Sustainable, and Impact Investment solutions. For more information:

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